Testimonials From Our Top Ten Energy Healer Award Winners 2019

Sharing Some Inspirational Testimonials From Our

Top Ten Energy Healers Awards 2019


Les Flitcroft

It is a great honour and I am extremely grateful to be nominated as one of the Top 10 Energy Healers 2019.  My hope is for everyone to hear about how amazing Pranic Healing really is and for more people around the world to learn the techniques and experience for themselves”.


Gitte Winter Graugaard

Energy healing can be so transformative; the sooner we learn how to locate our Inner Switch and truly connect to our Hearts as adults, the sooner we can empower our children to do the same. I was excited to have been nominated and even more thrilled to be one of the winners of The Top Ten Energy Healers 2019.” Gitte Winter Graugaard.


Heather Cassidy

It’s my absolute pleasure to be recognised amongst such other gifted healers.  Healing work is a journey where you continue to add to your toolbox and your role expands continuously as the universe delivers and gets you to keep upping your game. I’m beyond delighted every day that I get to be part of something much bigger than me as I work with the universe and my wonderful clients,

I feel truly blessed. My goal for 2020 alongside the work that I will do is to gain stronger backing from the scientific community in support of our work and this is an honour to be named just in time for that next step, thank you.


Andrew Hackett

“I am truly touched by the honour of this great award. We don’t do what we do for recognition, but it is always a bonus on know what you do is making a difference and touching the lives of so many. Thank you for this great honour. I will truly cherish it. Andrew”


Mell Balment

“Being honoured as a winner of the Top Ten Energy Healers 2019 is only possible by my brave clients that nominated me. Their success is our success”. Mel